September 27, 2023

Fire Inspector and Teacher Awarded IAAI Scholarship

Mindy Andrasevits, a fire inspector with the St. Joseph Fire Department in Missouri, is the recipient of the 2018 International Association of Arson Investigators scholarship. The scholarship awards one IAAI member up to 60-hours in one online degree program at CSU; Andrasevits will apply the scholarship to her Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Emergency Services Management.

Andrasevits has worked in the fire service industry for twenty years and has also served as a public school teacher. She aspires to one day be granted the role of fire chief but has often put her goals on the back burner to support and provide for her family.

“I have been the backbone of my family, often providing financial support, mostly serving as the ‘consummate fixer,’ the smoother of rough edges. Because of this, and without regret, I’ve often put others before myself with regards to time and money,” she said. “This scholarship would afford me the opportunity to further enhance my skills and knowledge, allowing me to remain in my community and promote within my department to which I am wholeheartedly devoted.”

The best part of her work, Andrrasevits says, is immersing herself in the community, getting to know and learning from the people who live there.

“I’ve been very lucky. Yes, I’ve worked hard, earned my lot in life, made my way… But I’ve been lucky, too. I’ve had the good fortune to meet nice people, learn from positive role models. I feel most lucky when I’m picking up litter on my street or walking into a community event where I can continue to contribute to life in this town, to make that seemingly imperceptible impact but know that I’m affecting change just by being here.”

You can learn more about the IAAI scholarship and other ways to save at CSU on our website.