December 6, 2023

Fire Chief Accomplished Dream of Education and Promotion

Brian Marcos is the deputy fire chief for the Smyrna Fire Department in Georgia, but before attaining this position, he knew he would need to attain the proper education. In 2018, he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in fire administration from CSU. Since then, he has been able to set an example and also recommend CSU to other firefighters who are looking to pursue their education in hopes of growing in their career.

“The degree has been a tremendous value added in my career. It has helped set the example for other aspiring professionals and the degree has provided me additional opportunities in my professional development,” said Brian.

Graduating from college was something no one had previously done in Brian’s family; he wanted to stop that trend and set a good example for his three children.

“I decided to pursue my degree because I knew it was going to be an essential part of my professional portfolio. I also believe I wanted to accomplish something no one in my family had ever done, and it was important for my kids to know it was possible.”

When deciding on a degree program, Brian knew he needed something that was flexible enough for his work schedule and family life. He also wanted to make sure he would qualify for the advanced positions he was aspiring to apply to in the future.

“I was able to meet the educational qualifications for the position I hold now and I am also qualified for the position I wish to pursue in the future. That really feels good,” said Brian. “[My degree] has also allowed me opportunities to apply for additional training programs that required the degree.”

As for inspiration and lessons that he would like to pass along to those considering pursuing their education dreams with CSU, Brian would tell them what he tells his fellow firefighters: “This is a great opportunity for anyone who is busy or simply can’t commit to a classroom schedule. CSU really made it possible for me to achieve my educational goal. Through all of life’s demands, I was able to achieve my goal. This could not have been done without CSU’s online opportunities!”