October 4, 2023

OSH Safety Professional of the Year Award

For nearly 25 years, CSU has been educating students in occupational safety and health. As an online leader in OSH, we are proud of our efforts and the successes of the thousands of safety professionals who work hard every day to keep employees safe.

June is National Safety Month and CSU would like to salute our recent graduates and current students who exemplify the qualities of an outstanding safety professional. We have created the Outstanding Safety Professional of the Year Award to honor someone who exemplifies the knowledge, skills and dedication it takes to work in this important industry.

To help us, CSU is asking students to nominate someone by visiting this link:

Please remember the individual must be a current CSU student or recent (graduated in past 2 years) alumnus. You can also nominate yourself if you would like.

Deadline for nominations is June 8!



  1. Elaine

    I know 2 amazing CSU individuals that are Safety Representatives,
    But…I have worked with them and do not have all their information. (Email, graduation date etc.)
    Can I still nominate them.

    1. Elizabeth Burgreen Post author

      Nominees for the Outstanding Safety Professional Award should be individuals working as a safety professional (i.e. safety manager, OSH official, EHS, etc.) as the nomination honors their efforts to keep others safe in the workplace and their achievements in the safety industry, particularly in recognition of National Safety Month. We do appreciate your praise of our representatives and we thank you!