December 6, 2023

Spring Studies

by Sonya D. Lavett

As winter takes a turn back north and the days slowly become warmer and longer, creating a study schedule becomes harder to do. There is such little time to play outside; between work and class assignments, a person can easily become cranky with all work and no play.

The beauty of online classes is that your study time is flexible. It is not always necessary to miss out on sunny, gorgeous days due to a heavy workload. A little creativity in your planning can go a long way. As you plan out your necessary tasks and pencil in time for homework, be sure to also include some outside time in your weekly schedule. By including this time consistently, it becomes habitual.

The sunshine is beckoning!

Here are a few simple ideas for you to still get your class work completed without missing any opportunities to be outside in nature.

  • While the beach or the lake may not be conducive to dragging your laptop along, it is a great place to catch up on some reading. Just bring your textbooks and study guides and don’t forget your sunscreen. If you have an umbrella or some other means for shade, you may be able to bring your technology along, just be mindful of the sand and the water.
  • Parks are also a great place to be outside and work on your class assignments. If all of the picnic tables are taken, use your blanket to plop down and get some forward momentum on that research paper you have been procrastinating on. You will be glad you finally got started and being outside in the fresh spring air will help your brain power.
  • Some students have admitted taking their reading materials with them when they go boating and fishing. That is truly killing two birds with one stone. Just don’t drop anything overboard!
  • If you would rather stick close to home, convert your back patio, deck or yard into your new study spot. A patio chair, a lounge chair, or even a hammock is an easy fix for you to complete your homework and enjoy the sunshine. If your family is driving you crazy, put your tent up in the backyard and let the kids know that you will be working diligently in your new “office.” Quiet, please!

Badminton anyone? As adults, you still need time to be and play outside. Why not include your study time outside when the weather is nice? This just requires a little prep work on our part. Along with all of your class materials, you will need a few other items. Make sure you also pack snacks, plenty of H20 and some play stuff, such as a frisbee or soccer ball.

Ever tried interval training as part of your exercise routine? Well, this is called interval studying. Don’t regard playtime as wasted time. Getting up and getting your blood pumping intermittently during study time is a great way to keep your mind working as it should and it is equally great for your body.

Are you always stuck in the same spot while writing your research paper, most likely experiencing some writer’s block? That is the perfect time to jump up and step away from it for a few minutes. Run around the park, throw the frisbee to your dog, or play on the swing for a few minutes. When you go back to your coursework, you will have a fresh perspective and clear mind.

Wherever you decide to create your new work zone, make it nice for yourself so your study spot is inviting. Homework does not have to be a dreaded undertaking in the spring. You can make it more fun just by changing your perspective and your environment.

Happy studies!