December 1, 2023

Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship Recipient – Caitlyn Dalton

by Sonya D. Lavett

Caitlyn Dalton and familyI recently had the pleasure to sit down with the newest recipient of the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, Mrs. Caitlyn Dalton, and speak with her about her life, beginning classes at CSU, and what this scholarship means to her and her family.

Sonya: Tell me about the degree program you are going into and why.

Caitlyn: I decided on the B.S. in finance. I was also looking at project management because of my dad. I’ve pretty much grown up around business. This will be my first time in online classes, but I love school and have always been really good at it. Finance seems like a great fit for me.

What excites you about starting courses at CSU?

The potential. I often felt trapped in other jobs that never led to anything, but a degree in finance will apply to so many different companies and organizations and it feels really freeing.

As a military wife, your journey is especially challenging. What will be your greatest asset as you embark on this new initiative in your life?

I’m a very driven person. I’ll find the time and find a way to make it work no matter what. It’s a great opportunity to finally make a difference. This is mostly about getting my family to a better place.

Not only is your husband overseas, but you also have a son with autism. Tell us what inspires you to keep moving forward when life is especially challenging.

I keep up with and follow other parents who have similar situations with autistic kids. Sometimes hearing about their unique challenges and the obstacles they endure, I think that my day wasn’t so bad after all. It’s all about perspective.

What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge while pursuing your degree?

Trying to juggle everything. Finding time around [meeting my son’s needs] and the time to commit to my studies will be tough. He has a lot of needs and they must be prioritized while still completing my course work successfully.

How will pursuing your degree with CSU change your life and your family?

A degree in finance will open so many opportunities and down the line, my husband may not have to be in Japan because each of us will be supporting one another and we’ll be able to be together as a family.

Once you obtain your degree, what do you see yourself doing after graduation?

By that time, my husband will be up for reenlistment; that is definitely a determining factor. I would love to do something in charter schools that serve special needs children. That kind of position may not be as high paying, but will still be something I’m so passionate about.

As a brand new student, what advice would you share with other CSU students who may be walking a similar path as you and your family?

Always highlight the positive because it’s so easy to get dragged down by the realities of sadness of what you’re going through during those tough times. Giving into that is not an option. My husband and I recently did a little research and discovered all the things that make our son funnier because of his autism and we now recognize that he has a gift. Turn it into positive.