December 1, 2023

CSU Takes Tampa

by Andie Bills, Alumni Relations Coordinator

While most of the country endured a hard freeze, students and alumni who attended the Networking Social in Tampa, FL this past weekend, enjoyed warm conversations. Held at Anise Global Gastropub in downtown Tampa, a small intimate group was able to exchange CSU experiences with one another. The group included several students and alumni, five CSU Military Outreach representatives, Joni Blalock from CSU’s Outreach team, faculty professor, Travis Smith, and myself, Andie Bills, coordinator of Alumni Relations.

 Although the National Championship festivities across the street tried their best to take center stage, the excitement and conversations surrounding CSU muted out any distractions. Fellow alumni Cecil Newson and Bob Gooding were reunited and shared a few laughs from the social where they met last year. David Aiosa, accompanied by his wife, Meg, spent most of the evening chit-chatting with Military Outreach representatives Karl Hoffman, Randal Dennis and Kevin Richardson about their shared military experiences and how to best utilize GI Bill benefits. Outreach Director Joni Blalock was vital in sharing how CSU can assist our students and alumni with establishing a Learning Partner discount.

Those at the social were excited to learn about the CSU Orlando Alumni Chapter. They were eager to learn that they will not have to wait for CSU to come to Tampa to stage a get together. Now, members of the chapter can network whenever they want.

For more information regarding future events, alumni chapters, or how to become a Learning Partner, please see the links below:

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