September 22, 2023

Get in Position

I have the great privilege in mentoring men and women in the corporate world and in college and I zone in most often on how can we get them into position to go after their dreams. First, I ask them where they want to see themselves in one year.  For many, it is to get another position in leadership or to start a new chapter in their life. Once they claim their plan, we must get them ready and in position so that they will achieve it.

How do you get in position?

Getting in position requires you to get yourself ready to handle that new job.  Take time to learn skills that you might need for the new job in your future.  Go out of your way to make sure you learn about leadership by reading or listening to podcasts.  Surround yourself with mentors who can advise you of your future.

As I moved forward in the corporate world, one of the key things that helped me more than anything else was reading books on leadership.  I learned that I needed to understand how people think and how to bring forth their talents and passions.  But secondly, having mentors surrounding me to help advise me on decisions and my future helped me immensely as well.

Each position gets you ready for the next.

Looking back now after 25 years in the corporate world, I see how all the different situations I walked through helped me get to where I am today.  Going through leadership trials and handling difficult situations were my training exercises to get ready for higher levels of leadership.  All the positions I walked through, from manager, director and vice president,were key training exercises I needed to go through so that I would be ready for what would be ahead.  Each new position got me ready for the next position.

Take time to get yourself in position!