September 22, 2023

Join Fellow Bookworms in CSU’s Newest Club

The college experience can be more than just classes, essays, and grades- even when you are completing your degree online! Peer interaction and extracurricular activities can be rewarding and fun, and getting involved in the online student life can make you feel much more connected to fellow students and CSU staff.

Over the last few years, CSU has been able to implement more clubs and organizations through the department of Student and Alumni Engagement. This has been an exciting way to watch students connect from what previously felt like worlds away.

The latest club to be implemented for CSU students and alumni is CSU Knights Read. This is a club for anyone who enjoys reading more than just textbooks. Whether you are a fan of science fiction, romance, nonfiction, thrillers, or how-to manuals, CSU Knights Read provides members a platform to connect with fellow bookworms and discuss favorite authors, new genres, beloved series, and more.

Unlike a typical book club, CSU Knights Read doesn’t have any required reading or schedules. It is simply a way to connect and explore new titles, authors, and genres, as well as discuss recent titles in a unique forum.

Are you a knight who enjoys a good page-turner? Join CSU Knights Read today!