September 30, 2023

Associate Safety Professional Exam Prep Course Available

The Continuing Education Department at Columbia Southern University is excited to announce the launch of our brand new online ASP Exam Prep Course. Check out this informational video about what the course entails. This course is open for enrollment NOW! Visit for more information.


Contact us at with any additional questions. These programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, military tuition assistance, VA funding or Learning Partner discounts.




  1. Chad Johnson

    I was looking for this on the CSU website while I was logged in and couldn’t locate it. What’s the deal?

  2. Bridget LaCoste

    The CSP exam prep course will follow, and we hope to launch it in Fall of 2016. Thanks!

  3. Brian Crets

    I see through the comments that the CSP is coming fall of 2016. Will other credential prep courses be offered like OHST/CHST and CHMM?

  4. Bridget LaCoste

    Hello, Brian!

    The course writer who we are working with to develop ASP and now CSP has discussed interest in moving forward with developing a prep course for CHST after CSP is completed. We do not have a specific time frame we foresee this being available to student, but hopefully towards the beginning of 2017.