September 22, 2023

Lessons from a Long Ago Leader

I love going back and taken a look at biblical leaders to review their leadership.  You can learn a lot from David.  He was the most powerful, effective leader of his time.  I know that at one point he seemed to throw all his wisdom out the door, but if we look at his talents and how he handled himself, he was a 360 degree leader as John Maxwell often discusses.

I consider myself a servant leader, one who knows that leadership is ultimately serving others to help them gain momentum in their leadership and ultimately their life.  It is not just “I am a leader over people,” but it is more than that.  It is taking someone and helping them and mentoring them to learn to do the job handed to them. If you really want to be a great leader then learn to serve. My goal is to have people want to be under my leadership because they know I care. My purpose as a leader is more than winning but winning with people.  I think that is what David was an expert at doing.

David was a take charge, humble leader with a passion to be used to change lives.  He was humble which I think is why he was so successful.  His army was most powerful and he built it from the ground up.  He took misfits that were depressed and down trodden and had no place to go and this group of men became his inner circle.  He saw something in them that was the making of a great leader and he zoned in on that talent.  As I meet people and lead them, I look to find their talents and find the best place for them to fit into my team and be used. I am always digging and searching to find what are the true motives of their heart then I direct them in the right direction.  My goal is to help them zone in on the talents God gave them and to truly be a powerful leader.

David was excellent at leading people and getting them to want to follow him.  Once David cast the vision, his team was sold and loyal to David and then they executed his plan.  Eventually his army became one of the most talked about in the bible and most powerful.  Why?  Well, I am sure God had a lot to do with it, but it was about how he led his team.  He was a compassionate leader but also strong.  He took time with them and mentored them and showed them how to lead.  I am sure he spent hours with them in getting their skillset corrected and molded.  Their military skills had to be close to perfect because they were sought after to be killed at every turn.  My goal is to understand my staff and the people I come into contact with.  I am a huge advocate in understanding personalities and what makes people tick.  This one area has caused me to really see the person I am dealing with and how to lead them by knowing them.

David knew how to multiply his team.  He set himself up for success because he delegated and helped others lead.  He knew how to develop leaders.  I am sure he was self-taught and learned to lead by just leading.  I would say I too went to the school of “hard knocks”.  I did not have the time or money to go to seminars and learn leadership.  It was always an urgent mode at my home and we just either got it together and made it work or we would be no more.  With so many after David’s head and the jealousy he had from Saul, he had to get smart and really strategize to outsmart Saul and his army. If he was going to make it out alive, then he had better surround himself with an army that was even better than he was.   As a leader of any team you have got to find your leaders.  They are the ones that want to take on more projects.  If you just lead by yourself juggling all the responsibilities  and never teaching anyone to do it as well, then you will never grow nor will your organization.

And finally, David was compassionate and caring.  When I see a leader who truly cares and takes time to let his people know he cares, I see a leader who will go far.  We can get so busy that we forget the “people” part and zone in on the project.  David took time to mentor and to coach his leaders.  Remember his leaders were not on a level that you would consider worthy of leading. They are down trodden, miserable people who were wandering without a job or hope to survive.  I love that David saw more in them than I am sure even they saw in themselves.

  1. Learn to lead people. How? –Listen to them, read books and find mentors to help you.
  2. Great leaders know how to delegate. How? –Find leaders on your team that want to move forward. Zone in on them and coach them to take on more.
  3. Be a humble leader.  How? –Know that a true leader leads the people and not the task.  The people take the task and move it forward.  Get to know your staff. Open up and let them know you are real and you need them.
  4. Lead with compassion. How? –See the potential then be used to help set the direction and then watch them grow in to a great leader.  The more you do this, the more you will see your department grow. Remember it is about the people first then the task.  It works hand in hand.

Even if you are not over people this applies.  Leading your kids takes skill and talent and most importantly leading yourself is really the key to all your success in all the areas of your life.



  1. David Herron

    Dear Chantell,

    I really enjoyed your post on King David and his leadership. I would loved to have seen the exploits of his and his mighty men. David provides and excellent example of God’s redemption. David committed the horrendous sin of adultery and tried to cover it up by having Bathsheba’s husband Uriah killed. David had genuine repentance and God called him, “A man after my own heart!” We all have that same opportunity for a right relationship with God through Jesus.

    I appreciate you using biblical characters in your articles. Keep up the good work and may God bless you in your leadership.

  2. Kim Barron

    I am so inspired by this article. I too, function from a servant leader perspective and base that on how Jesus lived his life. Your advice is sound and is a great reminder of what is important in our interactions with others. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Robin Stickle

    Thankyou for doing this article! I’m going to copy this over and study it some more. Good stuff!