October 4, 2023

Wanderlust: New Orleans

by Amanda Crinks

There are many perks to living in Orange Beach, Ala. The first and most obvious is the beach itself; however, another perk is the amazing cities that are so close. One favorite for the locals is to go to New Orleans, La. It is just a quick three-hour drive to the fun and history-filled city.

Trumpet player

Trumpet player.

My last trip to New Orleans was filled with all of the tourist attractions: cruise tour, beignets, cemetery tour and Bourbon Street. For any that have been to New Orleans, it is likely that you have been to Bourbon Street. You have probably seen the bars, the beads, the music and most definitely the people. For those who haven’t been to New Orleans, I can safely assume you have heard of the infamous street or seen a glimpse on television.

While Bourbon Street gets the most advertisement for New Orleans, there is some much more to this city than the nightlife. One fun adventure is the cemetery tour! Since the city sits below sea level, all of the tombs are above ground. There are many of these cemeteries around the city, but they are no longer allowed to be viewed without a tour guide (thanks, vandals!). One of the most unique tombs is that of Nicholas Cage. Yes, you read that right. He has already purchased a tomb and there are many theories about what could possibly be hidden inside.

Another fun thing to do in New Orleans is to go on a boat tour. The tour goes around some areas that are no longer accessible because of Hurricane Katrina. The most interesting thing I saw was the Domino Sugar factory. Wouldn’t that be a lovely smell to live by! The CEO of the company actually lives right next door so he can check on things as needed. Talk about a dedicated boss!

It is always a fun to see a city from the water side. There is one individual who lives on the water and has created a horn so that he can compete against the boats. He waves his American flag with pride and is known by all the people that float by him. It is always great to see people that have pride for their hometown.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square

The best part about the New Orleans area is walking around and finding places to eat! Jackson Square is without a doubt one of the prettiest places there is you stop and really take it all in. There is creole cooking everywhere you look! Now that I live in the South, I am used to grits, jambalaya, red rice and beans, and gumbo because they are everywhere you turn in this part of the country; however, you can’t beat a warm beignet covered in powdered sugar from Café Du Monde! It is a definite must for anyone who likes food (read: everyone)! When faced with hot, fluffy carbs topped with a mountain of sugar, you can’t go wrong!

I’ve found the best part about moving around the country is seeing what new and fun areas are close to you to explore.