September 22, 2023

Be An Influencer

Dale Carnegie wrote the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in 1936. In the book, Carnegie explained how to deal with others to benefit yourself and use them to climb the ladder of success. It was one of the first best-selling self-help books ever published. Though this was a great book and I admire the successes of Mr. Carnegie, I think much more can be said about the positive side effects that are created in the world by influencing others, not just the positive effects that you receive.

Influencing others and inspiring change in the lives of those around you is such a rewarding experience. Seeing the tiny seeds you planted in the lives of others bloom into something larger is incredibly fulfilling. Here are three tips to remember when aiming to influence others for the greater good:

Invest In the Lives of Those Around You. You cannot truly influence someone else unless you know how they tick. Find out about their lives. Ask them about their family, and really, truly listen to their responses. Attend activities and events that are important to them and they will see your dedication and interest in their life.

Boost Confidence. Encouragement is an important tactic for influencing that many people look over. By building up positive energy within those around you, you are creating a productive workspace in which people feel inspired to do their best work.

Be a Role Model. If you are trying to teach your children to be kind, practice kindness at all times, not just when you know they are looking. If you are hoping to inspire your coworkers to be more independent, demonstrate the qualities that you would like them to mirror. Being a role model is one small action in the world that can have huge ramifications. Be a good one!



One Comment

  1. Jim Shaw

    Most of the time we do not realize how much influence we truly have on those around us. Our words have an impact and are normally forgotten within a few minutes. Our actions on the other hand can have long term effects we do not see. We are influencing, even when we don’t realize it. We need to make it a purposeful action to influence those around us.

    Thanks for sharing and Influencing my day!