October 4, 2023

Success Principles

Success Principles. I heard these words growing up as far back as I can remember. Well, as far back as 5 years old. As my dad drove to his Amway seminars, my mom would read positive motivational books to my dad from the passenger seat as I sat in the back absorbing everything she said. She was so diligent in taking care of my dad to help him become a success. From this time of reading came several Success Principles that were our family mantra for many years. Some of the books were “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and “See You at the Top” by Zing Ziglar.

Success Principle #1: Never Give Up!

I truly believe those early days set me up for where I am today. As I listened to my mom read book after book I learned to never give up in any situation; to always be positive and face that mountain head on. At one time my family moved from rental home to rental home more than seven times within a couple of years trying to find a job in sales. He was an incredible salesman and so many times he was over qualified for the job. We just kept moving forward. He would just keep knocking on the door until opportunity opened. I learned to never, ever give up.

Success Principle #2: Stay Positive

There were so many situations that my family faced. We always did our best to stay positive. We really had no choice. Many times we would be several months behind on our car and home mortgages. Our cars and homes would be repossessed but somehow we never went without food and shelter. I know by reading the positive books my parents were able to look past the difficulties and failures and believe they were meant for much more. Never once did I hear them say, “We are done!” They always just kept going and going until they made it.

Success Principle #3: Don’t Let Anyone Steal your Dream

When my parents were in Amway, they made it all the way up to Pearl Direct. There was a song they played in the car all the time and it was, “Don’t Let Anyone Steal your Dream.” I sang it with them and to this day I still know the words. It is engrained in my memory and when I come up against a hard situation I have this song come up in my mind. It gives me energy and hope to not let my dreams go.

My parent’s dreams were to be financially stable and be able to help others find their way one day. After more than 20 years of being in the business of education, their dream became a reality. My dad wanted to have a school to help other adults to become educated and successful. I know because of these Success Principles and those early days of my mom reading and reading in the car it has gotten my family’s legacy where it is today.

So never, ever give up. If you fail just get back up and eventually you will break through. Stay positive even when nothing looks positive. This too shall pass. And finally, don’t let anyone steal your dream. Write your dream down and keep it close to you.

No one can take your dream away.



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  1. Charles Dunton


    I am currently enrolled at CSU to complete a degree. I am also a student of leadership and have completed two leadership programs with The Graduate School in Washington, DC. I enjoyed the lessons on Joshua Chamberlain. Thanks for the information and the work you put into producing the interviews. I jotted down a few takeaways as I listened.


    Charles Dunton.