October 4, 2023

May Learning Partner: Arizona Academy of Emergency Services

Columbia Southern University is proud to recognize the Arizona Academy of Emergency Services (AAES) as our Learning Partner of the month for May, 2015.

Located in Mesa, Ariz., AAES became a CSU learning partner in November 2010. AAES is one of only a very small number of private schools specializing and focusing in EMT and paramedic training programs.

The agency is established within the Greater Phoenix area for healthcare providers looking to expand their knowledge of emergency services. AAES can help anyone gain invaluable experience within the emergency services industry through extensive hands-on training from EMT/paramedic training to continuing education courses. Click here to see the full list of courses offered at AAES.

CSU has been expanding the relationship with AAES. Andrew Johnston, AAES dean of operations, has helped CSU complete an articulation of the AAES paramedic training program into course credit for CSU undergraduate fire science programs.

Johnston said, “For AAES, being a CSU learning partner means we can put greater resources and options in the hands of our students. Many of our students work with the Fire Department or on an ambulance, where they work 24-hour shifts that rotate each week. This makes continuing with higher education at traditional colleges or universities extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a lot of students.”

The academy’s commitment to the education of its students is evident and when asked what it is most proud of, Johnston’s says it all: “AAES is most proud of the success of our students after they graduate from our programs. The national certification exam first attempt pass rates are 97 percent and 95 percent for EMT and paramedic, respectively; our students are consistently graduating well-trained and ready to work. AAES has graduates working for many major fire departments in the Greater Phoenix area, most hospitals and many private companies and facilities.”

Learn more about AAES here.