October 4, 2023

Spring Marks Time Of Growth At CSU

Dear Students and Alumni,

Spring is just around the corner and with it, comes a time of year that typically heralds change, growth and newness.

Speaking of change, during the last several weeks I have been spending time with staff, faculty and leadership receiving their feedback on how we can improve as an organization and identifying the issues that are holding us back. This feedback has been so valuable and helpful to me. It is so important for leaders in positions like mine to know what the true and unfiltered issues really are. Otherwise we spend our time working on grand strategic initiatives while never fully addressing the real issues that hold the organization back.

Spring is also a time for Spring Break. This spring break my family has requested we spend it at home because we are receiving a new family member, an adult German Shepherd. I grew up with a German Shepherd named Duchess. She was a great companion throughout most of my childhood and had to be put to sleep around age 14 due to cancer. My children have only had cats as pets. We have two wonderful Rag Doll cats. Well, one is wonderful and one is mostly worthless but we love him still. Anyway, a large family dog is an entirely different experience and they are all very excited, as am I.

Spring is also a time when many of you choose to start back on your courses. As your journey continues toward changing or improving your career through education, CSU faculty and staff are ready to help see you through your program to completion. Let us know what we can do to assist.

One of the essential elements of education is reading. Recently, I had the chance to enjoy reading with a group of local elementary students for Read Across America Day. We read Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” on March 2 as the national event recognizes the famous author’s birthday and the importance of reading. I must say I was really impressed with the way the students at South Baldwin Christian Academy in Gulf Shores, Ala., grasped the concepts of perseverance and life’s journey from the book.

Speaking of the places you’ll go, the CSU Alumni Association recently went to Atlanta to hold a chapter meeting and reception for members. With about 70 attending, this chapter is growing and we expect more exciting activities in the future. The association will be launching chapters in Pensacola, Fla., Mobile, Ala., and Hawaii! This is impressive and rewarding to see so many alumni of an online university connect and bond. Please keep it up!

I am also pleased to announce the naming of our mascot: Sir Maximus. A lot of feedback, thought, time and effort went into deciding on this name. The Latin term for “greatest” or “largest,” Maximus is the symbolic embodiment of CSU’s vision of changing and improving lives through higher education. Maximus represents the person we all want to be—the best version of ourselves. Sir Maximus travels the world finding others who are striving to be the greatest, inviting them to pursue or complete their education at CSU and become their best selves. We are so proud of Sir Maximus and know he will aid in spreading the message of CSU.

Others who are spreading the news out about CSU are our dedicated Outreach team members. Spring means the beginning of convention season and several of our representatives are on the road this month. You will find them at the Indiana Safety and Health Conference March 16-18; Patrick Air Force Base Education Fair in Melbourne, Fla., March 15-21 and the Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association Conference in Pittsburgh on March 24. Please stop by these events or others listed on our website and say “hi” to a representative.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank all of our learning partners who have helped us change lives through higher education. Recently, we recognized the City of Pascagoula, Miss., as the Learning Partner of the Month for March in appreciation of its great support of CSU. The city’s employees and those of other learning partners honor us by seeking CSU for their educational needs.

Thank you,

Robert Mayes


One Comment

  1. Rick Griggs

    Mr. Mayes:

    I was very careful to select a university that could provide the needed education to complete my degree in Fire Science. I interviewed several colleges and selected CSU since they confirmed the current accreditation would provide the education in order to submit my application to the Naval Post Graduate School’s Civilian Master’s Program, Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). Additionally, CSU is partnered with the Fire District that I currently work for, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.
    I have worked very hard and took the program seriously, achieving an “A” in each and every course, as well as graduating Summa cum Laude. I am offering this information since I am in an uphill battle to apply at CHDS. Assistant Registrar Vickie Hayes at CSU is currently helping me to try and achieve this goal, however the deadline for application is May 1st, 2015. I would like to ask for whatever assistance you may be able to offer, since accreditation is the number one issue. When initially contacted for application submission, registration began laughing out loud when I indicated that I had graduated from CSU. He said CSU was one of the number one universities who prey on students like me and he could not accept the course work for application, since it does not meet one of the six listed on the CHDS web site.
    I am writing this memo as a request for your help. Please help me prove that the education that I have received is worthy of application to the CHDS. At 57, the sun in setting on my career, however it is not over and I refuse to give up.
    Rick Griggs
    CSU #232520