October 4, 2023

Lessons on Leadership: Joseph

In order to lead, you have to know how to follow. In this second installment, we are focusing on Joseph. We can learn valuable principles of leadership. Joseph was a great follower who then took what he had learned when it was his turn to lead as second-in-command.

Joseph was a dreamer who ended up in a pit with his dream.  Leaders are dreamers and they have challenge too.  As Joseph moved himself forward, he had to make the best of wherever he found himself.  Whether it was in a pit or in prison, he made the best of the situation.  He had to go through the process in order to become the leader he was meant to be.  He didn’t complain but used the very situation he found himself in and turned it into good for him and others.  

He was also able to accept criticism. In order for us to build the team around, we need to be able to listen to our team and hear the good as well as the bad.

As leaders, we all want to make it to the top, but in order to do that, we must take what is in front of us and do it well.  That is exactly what  Joseph did. When it was his time to lead, he had all the experiences and the tools needed to lead well. Whatever your job title, you have to learn how to follow before you can be a great leader.


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