September 22, 2023

Several CSU Policies Updated

The following policies have been revised and will go into effect on Jan. 14. Students are advised to contact their academic advisor if they have questions about the policies listed.

DBA Continuous Enrollment Policy
The break between courses for DBA students was reduced to promote successful degree completion for the DBA program, which is currently in teach-out.

Final Examination Proctor Policy
A statement was incorporated to inform students that additional proctoring fees may apply if they elect to use the standard proctoring option. The policy also outlines what occurs if a student fails to submit payment when using RP Now and clarifies why a student is required to present a government-issued photo ID prior to exam administration.

Student Identity Verification Policy
Information was incorporated to inform students that their assigned Student Identification Number, along with a secondary source of personally identifiable information, is required when contacting the university.

Tuition Refund Policy
The Mississippi State Refund Policy was updated. Minor language changes were made to other areas of the policy for clarification purposes.

Withdrawal for Special Circumstances Policy
These requests will now be submitted to

In addition, two new policies have been created:

  • The Academic Records Privacy Policy is a new policy that outlines how CSU protects the privacy of its students.
  • The Grading Policies is a new policy that consolidates all current grading information into one centralized location to allow convenient access for students. This policy also outlines grading timeframes and the process for filing a final course grade appeal. These policies also will go into effect on Jan. 14, 2015 and will be available by accessing the Student Handbook.