September 22, 2023
Empower U with Chantell Cooley

Hands On Leadership :: Creating Synergy

I have spoken with many leaders who are trying to find ways to connect with their staff. Hands-On Leadership is very effective in creating synergy with your group. Finding the balance needed to effectively connect is an art.

My personality is more people driven rather than the task driven. I have no problem reaching out and connecting with staff where those who are task driven might have a harder time with this. Finding a balance whether you are people or task driven is the key to hands on leadership. Meeting frequently with my leadership team helps me understand the tasks at hand and I can help keep projects moving forward.

Staying in front of your team keeps you involved. I am not talking about micromanaging but what I am talking about is being a leader who is staying connected.

During the past six months, I have found myself stepping into different leadership positions and leading teams. As you know, there is a time frame where you have to create buy-in with your team. This time is very crucial in how you connect. I worked very hard at being available as I brought my vision to the team. I always made extra time for my leadership team to understand my vision as well as time for me to listen to their needs. By always connecting and staying close by I moved my team forward very quickly. It caused great momentum to occur. This leadership style allows you to keep a pulse on the vision of the team and where they are in that vision.

I want to recap with some tips for Effective Hands-On Leadership:

  • Be Present and available
  • Set the example
  • Don’t be a micromanager
  • Know your craft and the crafts of others on your team (Competency + Character = Credibility)
  • Stay connected – be involved
  • Stay humble and accountable
  • See leading as helping others move themselves forward in leadership
  • See the big picture which is people first

Blog with me on how you connect with your team. Give us some ideas on how you connect with your team and what has worked for you.

See you on the blog!


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