September 29, 2023

Changes in Math Curriculum

CSU’s commitment to our students provides program options that will prepare students for success in their communities and create a competitive advantage in the education marketplace. We review programs and consider those that best meet the needs of the majority of students.

As such, the CSU College of Arts and Sciences recently made a decision to improve the math curriculum. Beginning with Term 5A15, which starts April 1, 2015, the following math courses will be available to fulfill math requirements in the General Studies portion of undergraduate programs:

• MAT 1301 – Liberal Arts Math (new course)
• MAT 1302 – Algebra I (formerly MA 1150)
• MAT 1303 – Algebra II (formerly MA 1170)
• MAT 1304 – Finite Math (formerly MA 1140)
• MAT 2301 – Elementary Statistics (formerly MA 2023)
• MAT 2302 – Pre-Calculus (formerly MA 2051)
• MAT 2303 – Calculus (formerly MA 2170)

Students who desire to develop math skills and prepare to be successful in the math courses listed above will now have the option to register for MAT 0390 – Basic Math. This course will not satisfy program requirements, but will be an option if students are interested.

Students previously advised for MA 1100 – Basic Math Fundamentals may consider other math options as this course will no longer be offered effective Feb. 25, 2015. Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisor during this transition.