December 6, 2023

Hands On Leadership :: Building Teams

This week I want to talk about building your team at work. One of the main obstacles that I discussed in the previous blog was finding ways to connect with your team. In order to keep your team’s pulse alive and active you have to really stay on top of what is currently going through each team member’s hands. I call it the “touch and go”.

In Hands on Leadership, the “touch and go “ is a strategy that I think works by keeping you informed but not so much as to bog you down in the details of all your leaders’ work. I make a point to touch base with each of my team leaders multiple times throughout the week. As I stop by to check on them, it might be a 5-minute conversation just to see what is going on. I might hear there is a problem on a project or maybe we have not heard back from a leader, which is causing a delay in the process. That is my cue to take on this part of the project by (1) seeing if I can help connect with the other leader and offering assistance to move the project through or (2) mentoring my leader on how to fix the process so there is no delay. As time allows you eventually have made it to your entire leadership team.

There are a few valuable things that you can take away from doing this with your staff:

  1. Opens doors to communication with your leaders and others
  2. Gives you an opportunity to connect with your leader by guiding and mentoring
  3. Keeps you informed of the flow and process of your team’s projects

If I am not able to stop by to connect with my team leaders, I make it a priority to call them, get with them the next day or send an email. So at some point in the week, I have checked in with my leadership team multiple times. Remember as you do this, your “touch and go” meetings will get shorter and shorter because you are keeping a pulse on what is going on. You now are constantly in the know without doing the project yourself.

Keep me posted on how you connect with your leadership team.

See you on the blog!


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