September 22, 2023

October Partner of the Month: American Water

They work around the clock, fielding millions of phone calls from customers across the U.S.

With more than 200 employees, the American Water Pensacola (Fla.) Customer Service Center is one of two call-centers for the corporation.  American Water, as a whole, is made up of experts delivering high-quality water and wastewater services to customers around the nation.

CSU is proud to honor the Pensacola Customer Service Center as the October Partner of the Month. Outreach representative Marilyn Smith recently presented the award to the staff.  CSU applauds the company’s continued success in its mission to support higher education and professional advancement amongst its employees.  The team leaders at the American Water Pensacola Customer Service Center say they couldn’t be happier about their six-year learning partnership with CSU.

Tom Torchia, call handling manager, is happy to work for a company that encourages its employees to complete their degrees.

Donald Bates

Donald Bates

“Not everyone had the opportunity to go to college right out of high school like I did.  They either don’t have the finances or just are not ready to go. The good thing about a partnership with CSU is that it’s now possible,” he said.

Torchia praised the ease that CSU provides employees to get started on their education.  “What’s nice about this program is that employees can get established in their life and can then start going back to school.  Earning their degree positions our employees to get a promotion and advance in general.”

The customer service center currently has nearly two dozen CSU students and graduates on staff.  The company provides tuition reimbursement to those employees that have worked a year or more.  CSU student Donald Bates plans on graduating soon with his business degree.  He said the flexibility of online learning makes it easy for him to manage his time.

“I love it because I do the per course enrollment which means I can study on my own time.  I get up early and start my school work, go to work and come home and hit the books again,” he said.

Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson

While he likes the convenience, Bates also enjoys the faculty support he receives.

“I went into it having never taken an online course, so the feedback I get from professors is critical and helps me out a lot.  I encourage other students to look at that feedback their teachers give and learn from it.”

CSU graduate Charles Anderson commented on CSU’s customer service.

“The CSU staff is wonderful. They are very friendly people and if you call in, someone is always there. Having that convenience of being able to call during business hours is great. They are more than willing to speak with me, even if my advisor isn’t available,” he explained.

CSU outreach representatives make it a point to reach out to all CSU learning partners. “That really does help and makes you feel that the university does care about you, and where you are and where you’re trying to go.  For me, that is a very strong draw to CSU,” said Anderson.


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