September 21, 2023

September Partner of the Month: VPPPA

Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, Inc. (VPPPA) is celebrating its selection as the CSU Learning Partner of the Month for September.

CSU Outreach representatives Ernie Smith, Christie Ball and Jim Forsythe travelled to National Harbor, Md., for the VPPPA national conference to present the award.  Chairman Mike Maddox accepted the award and spoke about why the partnership is valuable to his team.

“We appreciate the support that Columbia Southern University has given us.  This is great because these types of programs can help our employees.”

Maddox said he appreciates the fact that VPPPA members can make time for their education, while maintaining a demanding work schedule.  “It’s becoming more and more important to continue your education.  It’s not just for safety and health professionals. It’s a way for anyone to work on their degree and possibly advance to a higher position in their career.”

He said the scheduling and convenience is a primary part of what CSU offers to VPPPA members. “They can do this online and it makes a huge, huge difference in some of them getting a degree,” said Maddox.

CSU partners with companies and organizations to offer their employees/members and their dependents a 10 percent discount on its affordable tuition along with exclusive scholarship opportunities. In all, more than 2,000 learning partners currently enjoy these benefits.

For more information about CSU Learning Partnerships and to find out how your company or organization can become a partner, visit or call 800-977-8449.

Pictured above: VPPPA Chairman Mike Maddox, center, receives the Learning Partner of the Month award from CSU representatives Ernie Smith and Christie Ball.


One Comment

  1. Dr. Dan Corcoran, CIH, CSP

    It’s a great thing that the best-of-the-best in industry embraces CSU’s model. CSU’s programs are specifically designed to accomodate their needs. There aren’t too many people nowadays who can quit their jobs and abandon their families to attend a brick and mortar institution. That’s just not realistic. This is especially true for those professionals who have been immersed in the OSH field for many years and could teach some of us academicians a thing or two about real world applications. It makes me proud to be a part of an organization that provides educational opportunities to OSH professionals in cutting-edge organizations like those that belong to VPPPA. Just like the organizations they work for, these OSH professionals are the best-of-the-best!!!