September 22, 2023

Policy Update: Writing Center guidelines announced

The Columbia Southern University Writing Center provides students with support and guidance in tandem with faculty in order to promote students’ growth as writers so that they can work independently and confidently on these skills as a student as well as after graduation in a professional setting.

In an effort to work more efficiently and effectively with students and faculty, the Writing Center has developed guidelines to facilitate an understanding of how assistance is given. These guidelines communicate the mission and philosophy of the Writing Center as well as submission guidelines and will go into effect on Aug. 13, 2014.

Through these guidelines, the Writing Center wants to explain that the amount of work to be reviewed by the Success Center must have limits placed on it to ensure that the quality of its feedback is at its highest level and so that the time is evenly distributed amongst the student population. Providing this information to students will bring clarity to the ways that the Writing Center is able to assist students with their writing.

The Writing Center staffers are hoping to emphasize their roles as collaborators and teachers, so that students can better understand how to function independently as writers in the post-collegiate realm.

To view these guidelines, please click on the following link: