September 30, 2023

Honor your dad’s legacy on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up in just a couple of days. As a child, my mother always had Robert and I go out with her and buy gifts for my dad or many times we would make him something while we were at school. Just something to show him we loved and appreciated him. She also took us to the grocery store or the pharmacy in our town’s square to buy him a Father’s Day card.

Now being a parent, I understand what she was doing. She was showing us how to think about him rather than ourselves and teaching us to think of others. I am glad she did it that way because she has made me a better person. I now do the same thing with my children. Just yesterday I reminded my 18-year old daughter and 16-year old son not to forget about Father’s Day. My daughter already has ideas on what she is going to do for her dad which makes me very proud.

Just a few days ago, I was driving in my car with my mom and another lady just feeling sorry for myself and mentioned that I do not have a father to give a card to. I knew what they were going to say but it is what I felt at the time. I do get sad at times when this day comes along, but not for long. I make sure I only dwell on all the wonderful things he did as a father. And the best part is I am carrying his legacy forward that he started in education. He will always be with me in my heart.

I remember the days he would not let me give up when I was trying to sell sponsorships for a cause and all I was getting were flat out “no’s”. He said, “You get up from that couch and stop crying and go out there and knock on some more doors!” I can remember drying my tears and getting a little mad (I was only 10!) but doing what he said. Later, I became the top seller for this charitable event and raised the most money. In building CSU, that talent that he saw and cultivated in me as a child is helping me today to connect with thousands of people looking for an education.

I remember a student who came to graduation and walked across the stage holding his dad’s picture in a frame. His dad had passed away and he wanted him be apart of this wonderful occasion. So, by carrying his father’s photo across the stage with him, he kept his dad close to his heart and he took him with him as he received his diploma. For those of us who no longer have our dads with us, we know he will always be in our heart no matter what happens in life.

I am all about honoring our parents on these special holidays. If your dad is still around or has passed away, I think it is important to keep the legacy going or create your own as many have done through education.

So today, I hope you can blog with me and give a shout out about your dad and what he means to you.

See you on the blog!