July 21, 2024

Policy Update: Incomplete Course Policy-Per Course Programs

Please note that CSU’s policy regarding incomplete courses in the per course programs will be effective Feb. 5, 2014 and will be updated in the CSU Student Handbook.

Students requesting additional time, in excess of the prescribed enrollment period, to successfully complete coursework may apply for an Incomplete. Requests for an Incomplete should be the exception during a student’s tenure; academic progress throughout coursework is expected as it promotes student success. Should circumstances prevent regular, on-time course completion, within the enrollment period, students meeting outlined criteria have the option to request an Incomplete or withdraw from the course. Academic and financial consequences should be noted when withdrawing from a course beyond the first week of the enrollment period. Prior to submitting the withdrawal request, students are advised to review the Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy; in addition, academic advisement should be sought.

The following are important facts concerning an Incomplete:

  • The request for an Incomplete is to be submitted prior to the original or adjusted course end date. There are three Incomplete options available, each with associated fees: 15-days for $25, 30-days for $50, and 60-days for $100. Incomplete(s) cannot exceed sixty (60) days in length for each course.
    • Students approved for an Incomplete forfeit the option to withdraw from the course, under the Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy; however, students may refer to the Withdrawal for Special Circumstances Policy should extenuating circumstances prevent course completion. Students may formally request an Incomplete through submittal of the Incomplete Course Request form or via telephone request to Student Services.
    • A course grade of “I” will be assigned and may affect future course enrollments; academic advisement should be sought to discuss course load.
    • Assignments not completed at the conclusion of the course Incomplete period will be assigned a grade of zero (0); the final course grade is calculated utilizing the weighted score assigned to each course assignment, as indicated in the course syllabus.
    • Fees associated with an Incomplete are non-refundable.

Students may submit an Incomplete Course Request Form through the myCSU Student Portal or via telephone request to Student Services. Students are expected to set realistic goals and timelines to complete outstanding course assignments. The approval process may take up to three (3) business days. Students will be notified of the status of the request via email; the correspondence will denote approval or denial. Students who are unable to complete their course due to an extenuating life circumstance, may choose to review the Incomplete for Special Circumstances Policy.



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