September 21, 2023

Message from CSU Alumni Association president

It is with both honor and pride that I address you, my fellow alumni, as your new president.  For those of you that have met me over the year in my previous position as association secretary, and those that may have been in one of my safety classes as a student, you know my passion for safety, education and Columbia Southern University  success.

As a young alumni association (1 year), we have the opportunity to all be part of something bigger.  This is OUR opportunity to carry CSU to a higher plateau of success.  We have made a great name for ourselves with regard to quality education and students and now it is up to us to make that same statement when it comes to giving back to CSU.

We have some great ideas that we will be discussing over the next year, to include instituting state alumni associations, state license plates and other such visions.  However, these are not something that I can do by myself, nor is it something that I would expect CSU to do.  It is up to us as alumni to complete these endeavors.

I know there are a great number of you that possess the same pride and enthusiasm that I have when it concerns our alma mater.  There is no reason at all we cannot become a force that can compete with the largest alumni associations.  We have the opportunity to give back to our communities in a number of ways, all in the name of our alumni.

Please take the time to think about how you want to become involved in this process and let me know over the next year.  I will be in contact with you at least monthly to let you know how we are doing.

Most sincerely,

Ralph Blessing