September 29, 2023

CSEG leader pens book with daughter

Chantell and Brooke Cooley with their book Diving Deeper.

Chantell and Brooke Cooley with their book Diving Deeper.

Columbia Southern Education Group (CSEG) Vice President Chantell Cooley teamed with her daughter Brooke to pen an inspiring and spiritual guidebook called “Diving Deeper with God.”  The book will be released Nov. 18.

The mother and daughter pair wrote their story of victory and faith as a way to encourage youth and young adults to draw closer to God through the study of the Scriptures. “Diving Deeper” offers practical advice with stories of both women’s struggle with devotion and the pressures of life.

“We wanted to create a guidebook for teens and young adults dealing with life’s hardships, social and family pressures, and more while still trying to maintain a strong faith in God,” said Chantell Cooley, who has also co-authored another Christian guide for youth, “I’m Saved! Now What?

“I think today’s youth really need to understand that developing a relationship with God doesn’t mean your life is boring. It’s a chance to make your life exciting and meaningful,” she added.

Daughter Brooke, a bubbly college student who works with her mother at CSEG, explained how she chose to “dive deeper.”

“When I was younger, I saw living for God as a sure path to having no friends and no popularity. As I entered high school, I had become the world’s puppet. Like most high school students, I felt the weight of trying to fit in, and I experienced setbacks from the decisions I was making,” explained the 18-year-old.

“I saw the damage my choices were doing to my life and to me personally. Every time I set out to do things my way, I knew I was settling for less. I knew God had something better for me. ”

Both women have found it and say they have grown closer, both spiritually and as a family. “Diving Deeper” reflects their growth with God as their poignant stories reveal lessons learned that have helped their love of God blossom.

Chantell Cooley serves as a leader with CSEG, the parent company of Columbia Southern University and Waldorf College. She works with both schools, but chiefly directs CSU’s training and professional development and writes the column, Empower U for the Communicator.

“Diving Deeper with God” by Chantell and Brooke Cooley.
Published by Bush Publishing
Cost: $10 for Columbia Southern University and Waldorf College students at the CSU Bookstore.
Available at:, and CSU Bookstore.

For more information, call 800-977-8449, ext. 1121



  1. Charles Zechman

    This is awesome, it’s great to know that there are Godly people involved in my University.

    I pray God continues to Bless You!