September 29, 2023

Upcoming Webinars for Writing and Research Success

CSU WebinarsThe Success Center invites all CSU students to attend the following seminars for assistance with essays, research proposals and formal writing. The free webinars do not require registration and students are instructed to sign in as guests.

EH 1020
2 p.m. CST Feb. 16
This webinar for EH1020 will walk students through a brief overview of the course. It will cover the importance of using the course syllabus in order to complete the unit assignments. This webinar will cover the main points of Unit I and Unit II in a little more depth because these can be the most challenging parts of writing this research paper – getting started. It will also briefly cover the points of the units that will follow in this course, stressing the importance of the units culminating in the end as one cohesive research paper. For those interested in a brief overview of EH1020, simply click on the link provided and sign in as a guest on the day the webinar is presented.

Writing Style
2 p.m. CST Feb. 23
The APA Guide asks that writers communicate their ideas clearly in the ways laid out in their manual. This webinar will cover the guidelines for effective scholarly communication (tone, clarity, word choice, etc.).

Article Critiques
2 p.m. CST March 1
This webinar will serve as a guide to researching, writing, and formatting article critiques. It will be an overview of what to expect from and how to execute your critique. Any student in an upper level course would benefit from this webinar, as many courses will contain them.

Citing Non-traditional Sources
2 p.m. CST March 8
Sources such as Youtube, OSHA, phone apps, and online documents are becoming more common in writing papers. This webinar will help guide you through the process of citing and referencing non-traditional sources that are commonly used.

Being Prepared for Online Learning
2 p.m. CST March 15
Since online learning is an extreme change from the traditional classroom, it is important to compensate by ensuring that the online student is familiar with the procedures as well as the professor’s expectations. This webinar will help students identify necessary skills and expectations that will help them be successful in their courses.




  1. Coraetta S. Walter

    Are these the only times for the webinars?????? Most of us work during the day and cannot attend at 2pm. Thanks.

    1. anthony.cornealius Post author

      Yes, this is the only time for the live meetings. However, the meeting will be recorded and placed on the Resources Page of the Success Center page in the student portal. You can go there and view it at a time more convenient to your scheudle. The Success Center plans to issue a survey to ask students when is the best time for webinars and it is likely they will present some after work hours in the future.