March 26, 2023

Scholarship allows lawman to finally seek degree

Sgt. Phillip Myers of the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board recently won a scholarship sponsored by CSU and the Alabama State Fraternal Order of Police.

Myers, who resides in Thomasville, Ala., plans to use his scholarship toward an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with CSU.

“I have always wanted to complete my bachelor’s degree, but never seemed to have the time or financial resources to do so,” said Myers, who completed his associate degree in 1996 just before joining the Thomasville Police Department.

“I am totally flattered that I was chosen,” said Myers, a member of the ABC Board since 2004. “When I applied, I never thought I had a chance of winning.”

He received the scholarship based on his essay entry in the Next Step Law Enforcement Scholarship Program. The CSU/FOP scholarship, which is under the program, covers tuition for up to 24 months for one specific online degree program with CSU.

In his present job with the ABC Board, Myers is assigned to the Undercover Operations Section and serves as the field operations supervisor for 17 agents statewide.

“I enjoy the travel and interaction with other law enforcement across the state. I also enjoy making a difference in the communities I serve. On top of that, I have the best law enforcement job in the state,” he explained.

Myers shared this love of his profession in his essay: “I have often heard officers say they wanted to be a police officer to make a difference in their community. I think that this is something realized early in our profession but not necessarily a driving force to become an officer. The excitement brought me here, but seeing that what I do every day makes a difference in people’s lives keeps me coming back to work every day.”

For 16 years, Myers has been a member of the FOP, which is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 325,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges. He is a member of FOP Alabama Lodge #42.


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