December 1, 2023

CSU Faculty Update: September congratulations

Steven Cates
He has been selected as a peer reviewer for the HRM/OB/Employment Law research papers for the International Society of Business and Academic Management conference in Orlando in October. In addition, he and MBA student Scott Dorsey will be presenting a paper, “Discriminatory Business Practices or Victims of a Governmental Hoax? A Critical Analysis of EEOC Claims and Their Origins” at the International Association of Business and Professional Academic Disciplines Conference on Oct. 28 in Memphis, Tenn. Cates’ paper, “A Self-Fullfilling Prophecy? Discriminatory Business Practices or Governmental Victims in an Analysis of EEOC Claims and Their Casual Factors,” was published in the Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, Vol. 7, No.1, June 2011.


Steven Bardwell
In June, Bardwell was designated a Mississippi chief fire officer by the Mississippi Fire Chiefs Association. This designation is presented to eligible chief fire officers who meet the establilshed educational, training and on-the-job experience requirements.