October 4, 2023

Alabama police chief receives scholarship

Scott Welch“This career choice started out as a simple job and has turned into a way of life,” said Winfield (Ala.) Police Chief Scott Welch in his winning essay for the CSU/Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police scholarship.

Welch, who has served as a police chief for eight years, was recently awarded a two-year online scholarship based on his entry in an essay contest sponsored by CSU and AACOP.

“I am very surprised and happy for the opportunity to earn my degree,” he added.

Welch said he will use the scholarship to seek a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with CSU. The online university features many degree programs including business administration, occupational safety and health, fire science and human resource management.

Welch explained in his essay that the camaraderie, excitement and his father’s service on a local emergency medical team influenced his decision to pursue law enforcement.

“The job seemed to be extremely rewarding because it allowed a person to protect the public from harm and keep the town safe,” he said. “Two main factors were believing I could make a difference and being able to help other people. It is truly an ongoing learning experience and journey in life.”

CSU and AACOP are learning partners.


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