October 4, 2023

Sheriff’s deputy wins scholarship

Jason HilyerCongratulations to the winner of the CSU/Alabama Peace Officers Association (APOA) scholarship: Jason Hilyer of the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Department.

“Although I like to think positively about all situations, I had no expectations to win at all,” said a shocked Hilyer, a criminal investigator who has been with the Sheriff’s Department for more than seven years.

Hilyer was awarded a two-year online scholarship based on his entry in an essay contest sponsored by CSU and APOA, an organization with more than 4,000 members who strive for excellence and quality concerning the level of law enforcement provided to the public. The APOA stresses quality law enforcement through continuing education which matches CSU’s efforts to help the busy professional achieve a strong and viable education.

CSU features many online degree programs including business administration, occupational safety and health, fire science and human resource management. Hilyer said he will use the scholarship to continue his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with CSU.

Hilyer’s passion about his job was evident in his essay and contributed to his selection.

“I get up every morning excited at the possibility of helping someone and making their bad situation into something better. Law enforcement is not just about arresting someone; it’s making a difference in their lives and leaving the people I come in contact with, in a better position than before,” he said in his essay.

CSU and APOA are learning partners which allows APOA members and their spouses and children to attend CSU with a 10 percent tuition discount and application fee waiver.