September 22, 2023
Policy Updates

New academic progess policy in effect for probationary students

The Office of the Registrar recently announced some policy changes that will affect the student body.

The Department of Education has required all institutions operating under DOE to meet certain academic standards effective July 1, 2011. Because of these requirements, CSU has implemented a new Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy and the changes will affect students’ current status and will negate the previous policy standings.

Effective immediately, if a student has available hours remaining in his/her probation period, the student will be placed on “SAP Warning” status for one enrollment period and be required to meet SAP minimum standards. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor for degree planning before their next enrollment. If it is determined that a student has not met SAP, he/she will be placed on “Failing SAP” status and federal financial aid will be suspended.

A copy of the policy can be downloaded here. Those with questions or comments about this policy are strongly urged to contact their academic advisor.