September 27, 2023

Mississippi lawman garners scholarship

The Learning Partnership Development Department is proud to announce the winner of the CSU/Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Association scholarship: Senior Patrol Sgt. Owen Carl Bass of Forrest General Hospital Campus Police.

Bass, 43, was awarded a two-year online scholarship based on his entry in an essay contest sponsored by CSU and learning partner MLEOA, an organization that provides professional opportunities for law enforcement officers.  Bass said he entered the contest to meet “a strong desire to complete a degree that I started sixteen years ago.”

“While in the military, I was able to take college courses off and on but once a wife and three sons came along there was never enough time to finish,” Bass explained in his essay.

Now, he wants to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with CSU. He hopes to use his degree to further his career and acquire knowledge to share with his fellow officers.

Bass, who has been in law enforcement for 13 years, said he enjoys his work because he helps people during tough times. He has been a member of MLEOA for 11 years and likes “being part of an association that cares about its members, promotes brotherhood, encourages education and character.”

In his essay, Bass also stated, “As a law enforcement officer, I have learned how to talk to people, handle conflict and resolve problems. All of which I have been able to apply in my personal life as well. Being a police officer has been very rewarding both professionally and personally.”

CSU and MLEOA are learning partners which allows MLEOA members and their spouses and children to attend CSU and enjoy a 10 percent tuition discount and application fee waiver.  Visit us online for more information about CSU Scholarship opportunities.