September 29, 2023

CSU Rolls Out Course Updates and New Syllabi

We know your education is of the utmost importance to you– it is important to us too! We value your input and feedback on our courses and syllabi and use it to constantly improve what we offer to our students. As part of these improvements, we have made updates to the course navigation and improved the syllabus.

Course updates and syllabi changes will be effective on the following dates:

  • 9/5/18: Term 2A19 – Track A courses
  • 9/5/18: All LifePace Learning courses
  • 10/3/18: Term 2B19 – Track B courses

The course syllabus is the blueprint for each and every course in which you enroll. It has always been a crucial part of the success our students find in their courses because it lays out materials, assignments, due dates and more; however, many students found it difficult to navigate.

With the new interactive syllabi, all the information you need is clearly shown in a format that is easy to navigate. The new syllabi are more user-friendly and allow you to find the information you need faster. For example, there are direct links in the syllabus that take students to assignments and resources such as the Success Center and library. It also has a new collapsible format with print feature so you can take your syllabus wherever your education takes you.

In addition to the updates in the syllabi, CSU courses have been newly organized to show needed information in more relevant locations. The navigation tab has been consolidated to show the most important information, such as where to start when you begin your course. A single area was created to house all course communication forums, like the discussion board and Ask the Professor. Additionally, a tab was created just for your grades so you can easily view your grades and rubrics directly from your course.

You may learn more about the changes to CSU courses and syllabi in the myCSU Student Portal.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact