September 21, 2023

Law Enforcement Officer Awarded Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship

Ryan Murkerson of Hayden, Alabama proudly followed in his father’s footsteps when he became a law enforcement officer. Now, this career has become his passion and a part of who he is.

“Every day, I put on my uniform and renew my commitment to protecting and serving my community,” says Murkerson. “Every shift is different. Whether I save a life or spend a minute chatting with a child, I complete every shift knowing I have made a difference.”

Murkerson is the recipient of the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, a small way for CSU to recognize the sacrifices made by the family members of America’s military men and women, and public safety personnel. This scholarship covers up to $13,500 in one online degree program.

“Receiving the Hero Behind the Hero scholarship will have immeasurable impact on my education, my career and, most importantly, my family,” says Murkerson. “My wife and three children are the collective inspiration for everything I do. Being the leader they deserve is the primary motivation behind all of my decisions.”

With this scholarship, Murkerson plans to complete his undergraduate degree, allowing him to continue providing for his family and not having to take as many overtime hours in order to fund his education.

“I am proud of the work I do. I do not mind earning a salary below that of other professions because I would not find the fulfillment I have in law enforcement in any other career.”

Murkerson enjoys giving back to his community and uses the platform he has been given through law enforcement to make a difference in many lives he encounters.

“All aspects of my career are opportunities to promote unity within my community. I coach little league. I am a proud father and look forward to any quality time I can spend with my daughter and son. Through coaching, I get to interact with my children’s friends and other children from the community. I hope I have become a trusted mentor in their lives,” says Murkerson.

“Whether I am in uniform or off the clock, I am committed to being a positive influence in my community.”