December 6, 2023

Course Closure Notice

It is Columbia Southern University’s commitment to our students to explore industry standards and consider viable options, which will not only meet the needs of our students but also prepare them to be successful in their communities and give them competitive advantage in their chosen career fields. The university must continually review these industry standards to determine relevance and sustainability. As a result, there are times when we modify our programs and in some cases remove courses as enrollment options from the curriculum.

Please note that the following courses will be removed from the curriculum and will only be available for student enrollment registration through Sept. 18, 2018, which coincides with Term 2B19:

· ES 1010 – Earth Science
· MAR 4610 – Strategic Marketing
· MAR 4625 – Direct Marketing
· BCJ 4385 – Workplace Security

Students are always encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor to discuss enrollment options.