October 4, 2023

Alumni in the News | June 2018

CSU Alumni Named School Safety Coordinator

Former police chief, Jeff Abrams, has been appointed as the first school safety coordinator for Franklin County Schools in Kentucky. He earned his associate’s degree in criminal justice administration from CSU.

CSU Knight Wins Safety Award

Mike Walters was awarded the National Propane Gas Association’s Individual Safety Award. Walters is the vice president of safety and training for Superior Energy Systems and received his Environmental Compliance and Accident Investigation certificate from CSU.

CSU Alumni Named Fire Chief

John Tull, who has served as the assistant Salisbury fire chief, has been named fire chief for the department in Maryland. Tull earned his bachelor’s degree in fire science from CSU.

CSU Knight and Sherriff Runs for Another Term

Chad Schmidt, the sheriff in Bennington County, faces an election in hopes of serving another four-year term. Schmidt earned a master’s degree in business administration from CSU.

CSU Alumni One of Six Candidates for Alabama State Board of Education

Sybil Little is running for one of two seats on the Alabama State Board of Education. She earned a master’s degree from CSU in Occupational Safety and Health.

CSU Alumni Named Fire Chief

Brian Harbison has been named the new fire chief for Fox Crossing, Wisconsin. He is a U.S. Navy veteran and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from CSU.


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  1. Tim Smith

    I am inspired by these real-life stories of experiences of real students, alumni, and staff. I not only enjoy them, but am more driven as a result. I would be nowhere near where I am now, were it not for CSU!