December 1, 2023

CSU Knight Joined Fire Experience and Education for Promotion

Scott Little of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has served many years in the fire service, both as a member of the military and as a civilian. Throughout his career, he saw a shift in the profession that no longer allowed fire fighters to depend on experience alone; education became a necessary part of the equation, as well.

Little was recently appointed the role of fire chief for the City of Lancaster Bureau of Fire. He is also a first sergeant in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard where he oversees the 193rd Special Operations Wing Logistics Readiness Squadron.

Little says he was introduced to CSU in 2015 when he was serving as chief fire officer.

“I was seeing young, motivated fire fighters taking full advantage of shift work and completing college courses online at CSU. These fire fighters were motivating me to reset my short and long term goals. I knew I needed to take that next step and pursue the academic path for future success.”

Little completed his associate’s in fire science in 2016, his bachelor’s in fire administration in 2017, and is now working on his masters of public administration from CSU.

“The fire service profession is no longer dependent upon just experience,” says Little. “You have to be willing to strive for personal excellence through an appropriate mix of education, experience and certification. The fire service has made huge strides in the past decade to establish a path for future fire service leaders to excel.”

On his path to earning the title of fire chief and completing three degree programs with CSU, Little also obtained his chief fire officer (CFO) designation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence, as well as his graduate level GIFireE designation through the Institution of Fire Engineers. He says his time and interactions at CSU have been part of the recipe for his success and accomplishments.

“I believe CSU provides a high quality educational experience that is conducive to the fire service professionals who work non-traditional hours. The flexibility to gain your degree while holding a full-time career and family is extremely critical in today’s fast-paced world.”

CSU is proud of Knights like Scott Little who are making a difference in their careers and communities.


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