September 27, 2023

CSU Announces Behavioral Health CEU Certificate Series

Professionals who work in the behavioral health arena can be met with equal parts challenging and rewarding work experiences. It is important for these individuals to stay informed of the latest education in their field to best serve their clients and patients.

The Continuing Education Department at CSU is excited to announce the completion of our Behavioral Health Technician CEU Certificate Series. All four courses are now available for enrollment. This certificate program was created for those currently in the mental health field, those interested in the specialization and others who work in a profession that requires them to work with mentally ill patients.

This CEU certificate program contains four courses:

  • BHT 1001: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology & Health Disorders
  • BHT 1002: Forensic Sociology of Addictions
  • BHT 1003: Behavioral Crisis Management
  • BHT 1004: Introduction to Operations

These courses can be taken separately or collectively as part of the CEU certificate program. Students will earn continuing education units (CEUs) for each course they complete and will be awarded a certificate of completion that lists the number of CEUs earned for each course. Upon completion of all four courses in this certificate program, students will earn a certificate that shows successful completion of the Behavioral Health CEU certificate.

Students do not earn college credit through this CEU certificate program. Transfer credit is possible into a degree program at CSU but is not guaranteed. Please consult with a CSU advisor to determine eligibility.

Course Cost: $295 per course

Note: Continuing education courses are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, Military Tuition Assistance or Learning Partner discounts.

Course Length:

This course is a 10-week, self-paced, open enrollment course. Once students complete each assignment in the course with a 70 percent or higher, they will receive a certificate of completion that will list the CEUs earned.

For additional course information, visit the Behavioral Health Certificate webpage, email or call (800) 313-1992. These programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, military tuition assistance, VA funding or Learning Partner discounts.