October 4, 2023

Term 2B18 Attendance Verification Update

For students enrolled in term 2B18, please be sure to verify attendance through submission of coursework by 11:59 PM CT tonight. You may access your course through mobile devices such as a smart phone or tablet. If you have extenuating circumstances affecting your ability to verify course attendance, please reach out to the AASSC at (877) 323-4471 or



  1. Ashley Moreland

    Is this where I am supposed to verify my attendance??? I”m a life pace student so I’m not sure this applies to me since my courses do not have due dates…

    1. Libby Reilly

      Hi, Ashley. Thank you for your comment! Please reach out to your academic advisor, who will be able to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction.

      Thank you!

      Libby Reilly
      Communications Coordinator