September 27, 2023

DBA Students Visit the CSU Campus

A few times each year, groups of CSU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) students come on campus to attend a residency program. This program is the first of its kind for CSU and has proven to be very successful for the hardworking students working toward their DBA.

The students take a deep dive into their dissertations, network and collaborate with fellow students and have the opportunity to meet with and learn from professors and program directors face-to-face. These students travel from all over the world for this valuable part of the DBA program and get to enjoy Orange Beach, Alabama while they are here on campus.

Hong Nguyen was one of the students who came to the recent residency program. He lives in Atlanta but is originally from Vietnam. He appreciates the face-to-face interactions with professors and looks forward to applying what he learns to his government job.

“I have a good employer and plan to stay with them; the DBA will improve my job performance.”

Lacee Allen also attended the DBA residency, traveling from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“There is a lot of value in having interaction in person. It’s good to be able to do [coursework] virtually and it’s also good to be able to come to campus and talk to my instructor.”

This was the third residency that Alfred Onyeuku, also from Atlanta, has attended during his DBA studies. Alfred has a consulting business and enjoys teaching at the collegiate level. He says that earning his DBA is as much of a personal endeavor as it is one for his career.

“It’s something I have always wanted to do. The outreach at CSU is more personal, it’s just better. The DBA will help me expand my business and allow me to teach more.”

The connections built through the DBA residency program are valuable in the coursework as well as in the motivation students may need to continue toward the finish line. Students are able to come with questions and debate as they work through their dissertation and become stronger students and professionals. For those who traveled far to attend, it is also a great excuse to put their toes in the sand after a hard day’s work.

To learn more about the CSU DBA program, visit the CSU website.