October 4, 2023

A Resource to Promote Student Success

By: Jenny Diamond and Caroline Sheely

Greetings from the CSU Success Center! We are excited to inform you of our many helpful opportunities that are available to you as a CSU student. We are here to serve any and all students, from budding academics to seasoned post-graduates. When you contact the Math and Writing Centers, you will receive personalized help from knowledgeable, professional specialists. The specialists in the Math and Writing Centers strive to ensure success for all students seeking to improve their skills in those areas.

Graduating from an online university requires special learning considerations relevant to the digital platform. In the Success Center, we have multiple tools available to meet your needs.

Math Center

The Math Center offers live, interactive sessions via phone or email. You can speak with a math specialist and interact on a shared screen when necessary. This allows you to work through problems, balance chemical equations, figure momentum or calculate interest rates right along with the specialist.  This option ensures that you get your questions answered and get the opportunity to practice and improve your skills. If you are not able to speak to a math specialist during business hours, the Math Center can provide recorded lessons to assist you with your assignment.


Writing Center

Like the Math Center, the Writing Center offers personalized help in several ways. You can speak to a specialist on the phone, send an email question to, or submit a Writing Center Request in the MyCSU student portal for individual evaluation. Your paper will be assigned to a writing specialist who will offer comments directly on your paper, addressing APA, formatting, citation, grammar and other writing mechanics as needed.

If a specialist feels that more in-depth explanation would be helpful, they might choose to record an individualized lesson; this lesson includes both audio and video of the specialist’s screen and allows the specialist to “show and tell” solutions for writing and formatting issues. The specialist will send you a link to this video and you can watch it at your own convenience.

Tips for success with your math and writing assignments:

  • Reach out when you need assistance! We are here to help and we want to do so. Speak to your advisor, your professors, your student support specialist or to the Success Center when you have concerns.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to complete your assignments. Practice time management so that you don’t have to rush through your assignments and can address any issues that may arise (perhaps you have technological difficulties, become ill or remember a last-minute commitment).
  • Read your papers aloud as part of your editing process. When you type your papers, your mind fills in words and views your paper as you wish it to be. When you read your paper aloud, your ear will catch mistakes and areas of awkward wording.
  • Practice using your calculator! To help make your math learning experience manageable, a math specialist can assist you in learning how to use your calculator and the function keys associated with unit lessons.

The Success Center can be reached at 877-0875-0533 or via email at You may also submit your requests via the Writing Center Request form and the Math Center Request form