October 4, 2023

Fun and (Nearly) Free Ways to Enjoy the Summer

Summertime brings about a sense of fun in all of us, no matter our age. There is something about the sun shining above us and the world blooming around us that sparks a sense of adventure.

While typically, many families take a vacation across state lines, or maybe even around the world, during the summer, you don’t have to break the bank or take many days off work or your courses to fully enjoy the summer season.

  1. Visit local gardens

Most places have public gardens nearby that feature local plants and flowers to enjoy. You can spend hours in a botanical garden, learning about different flowers and finding things you may like to plant in your own yard; many also offer free educational expos and other events. Pack a picnic to enjoy amongst all the beauty and experience a perfect summer day!

  1. Visit the library

Before you skip this one, hear us out. Summer is the perfect time to finish a few books, but the library is good for so much more! Many community libraries amp up their activities in the summer, and they are usually good for all ages. Check your local library for an events calendar- it may surprise you what events, movies, clubs and other activities they will be hosting.

  1. Find a local concert

There is no shortage of good music during the summer. This is the perfect time to scout out the local talent. Does your town host a summer concert series? Maybe your favorite restaurant has guest performers each night. With concerts usually comes dancing, so make the most of the opportunity to take your family for a night of grooving!

  1. Find a family hobby

One thing you won’t find on this list is TV! Use this season to explore a new hobby or craft, one that many members of your family can participate in. Perhaps you want to build something, like a table or a treehouse, or you want to learn how to crochet or sew. This will not only expand your knowledge and help you discover a new passion, it will also bring you and your family members closer together.

  1. Play sports

You don’t have to be athletic to have fun in the sun with family. Whether you choose a sport you all know and love, or you want to try your hand at something brand new to you, find something that you can all play together to get your blood pumping and endorphins flying.

  1. Make a movie

Fancy equipment or skills need not apply! You can choose to make a short film and tap into your acting skills, or simply commit to documenting all of your summertime adventures to look back on for years to come. One rule: everyone has to make a few appearances in the movie and everyone gets a shot behind the camera (aka: iPhone).

  1. Volunteer

There are so many volunteer opportunities, and no two are alike. Take time this summer to introduce your kids to the joys of volunteering and giving back. This could be at a local homeless shelter, nursing home, Habitat for Humanity, or numerous other places. While you are doing good for others, you may find that volunteer work really does good for you, too.

  1. Star Gaze

Use the clear summer nights to your advantage and become an astronomer! Lay on a blanket under the stars with your family and point out constellations. Don’t know any? No problem- there’s an app for that. StarWalk2, Sky Guide, and Sky View are a few good ones.


This list includes some general ideas of fun things to do anywhere you are, but we encourage you to play tourist in your own backyard and find the things and places that make your community so unique. Are there museums, gardens or other landmarks near you that you have never seen? Take the opportunity to explore the summer! Whatever you do, do it with the ones you love most and commit to making irreplaceable memories this season.