September 22, 2023

Spreading the Word through Ambassadorship

By: Amanda Manjone

Adapted from the CSU Alumni Magazine Spring/Summer 2017 edition.

When thinking about our university, one of the foremost thing that comes to mind is our alumni. Our alumni stories continue to encourage and impress not only those who work at CSU, but your fellow classmates and alumni. We are able to hear them when you connect with us on social media, when you reach out to Career Services for assistance and when you attend our various regional social events.

Recently, we launched a new program called CSU Knight Ambassadors. This program is the result of all of the inspiring, unique journeys of our alumni and their shared love of CSU.

The CSU Knight Ambassador program recognizes that you are great role models for current students and those considering enrolling but who may be intimidated or nervous. You have been in their shoes and know the satisfaction that comes with completing the hard work.

As one of our Ambassadors, Kenneth, stated, “CSU made it possible for me to get an education while serving two deployments, multiple training events, raising my family, and continuing my career. It has helped me stay relevant with my peers and has given me the confidence to keep going.”

We know that all of you are our best ambassadors because you can take firsthand knowledge of CSU to your hometown and into your professional and social network, and we hope you do!

Kenneth went on to say, “As CSU grows, I want to ensure the integrity of the program grows and the interest of my region grows, as well. I am tied to the reputation of this organization for life and I take that pretty seriously.”

So, what exactly does a CSU Knight Ambassador do? It really depends on the time and commitment you are willing to make! Our Ambassadors may attend networking events and conferences on behalf of CSU, share their experience with future students, appear in CSU advertisements, or promote the university in their workplace or community. In return, our Ambassadors will be eligible for the Distinguished Alumni Award, an annual award given to an alumni for their service to the university.

Ambassadors also receive some cool CSU swag and a certificate. Most importantly, Ambassadors have the opportunity to connect with fellow Knights and other professionals in their industry through networking and industry events. The main core value of CSU is to help change lives and we want you to change them with us.

As Ambassador Ethan describes, “When I found CSU, I had little desire to return to school. [It ended up being] the best decision of my life. I have really found my place here at CSU and I am striving in my program of study. CSU changed my life and I want others to experience this remarkable university, as well. I want to be a Knight Ambassador because I am living proof that Columbia Southern University changes lives and I want to share that with everyone!”

If you are interested in more information or becoming a CSU Knight Ambassador, please visit