September 29, 2023

My New Podcast

This month I wanted to share with you something that is going on in my business life, my new podcast, Going off Scripture, with Marilyn Hickey.

Throughout my profession, my only goal has been to help and change the lives of others. I truly believe that is my purpose in life. So whenever I see an opportunity to do that, I jump on it. I was approached by my close friend and mentor, Marilyn Hickey, to create a podcast with her. So two months ago, we launched our first podcast and have been going strong ever since.

Going off Scripture is a faith-based leadership podcast focused on helping others become successful leaders in both their personal and professional lives. We cover topics like adjusting to life’s changes, succeeding through adversity and becoming a great leader. I feel that there is a lesson for anyone willing to listen to this podcast, from the young millennial, to the experienced CEO.

I took a big risk by beginning this podcast. I knew nothing about this medium, but I trusted the opinion of those around me and prayed on this decision. Surrounding yourself with those who know more than you, who can educate you on the things you may not know much about, is an invaluable skill I hope you all can practice. I have found so much fulfillment and happiness by creating this podcast and helping those who listen.

I hope you will give it a listen.

Find these podcasts and more on my website, as well as on Google Play and iTunes.