December 1, 2023

Blackboard Upgrade Announcement

As you may have heard, the Blackboard system will be down between April 19 and 20 for upgrades. While we work to greatly improve the Blackboard technology, here are some things you can do to prepare for this brief outage:

  • If you are used to reading everything online, before the outage, print out the syllabus, study guides and otherdocuments you regularly use.
  • The myCSU Student Portal will still be available, so you may visit the online library for any research materials.
  • Review your syllabus to see if you have a large paper or project due during the course. If so, gather the materials you will need now so the outage sets you back as little as possible.
  • Be proactive and ask your professor questions now regarding the unit you will be working on during the outage. Remember, when Blackboard is down for the upgrade, it is down for everyone at the university, as well.
  • Visit and subscribe to updates. This will allow you to stay informed on the progress of the upgrade.
  • Review previous Communicator posts regarding to upgrade if you have questions about course accommodations.