September 29, 2023

Pre-Super Bowl Networking Social in Nashville

by Andie Bills

More than 40 students and alumni got together at DeSano Pizza Bakery in Nashville, TN on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, for a pre-game networking social. The social included a bingo icebreaker game, but it was definitely not needed for this gang. Everyone jumped right into introducing themselves and getting to know one another.

As soon as Jason Norris and Zachary Connerty walked in, I did a double take. I had no clue the two alumni from the Fall/Winter 2016 CSU Alumni Magazine cover story were going to be there. It was great to meet them face-to-face and hear about their efforts with BUCOPS. BUCOPS (Bonded Under Combat Outreach Programs) is a non-profit organization based in Oak Grove, Kentucky created by the two veterans as a way to serve injured, disabled and combat-wounded active duty and veteran service members through outdoor activities. Be sure to get behind these guys and support BUCOPS by LIKING their Facebook page!

It was in 2014 when I first met alumni, Larry Riddle. He attended a networking social and came to me with a plethora of ideas and organizations that he wanted CSU to implement. Over the next two years, I continued to tell him that I was working to get a regional alumni chapter in Nashville organized. I was excited to finally be able to call him before this past event to tell him the day had finally come… CSU’s Nashville, TN regional alumni chapter was official. Alumni like Larry are the driving force behind initiatives like these and I cannot thank him enough for his persistence. Larry took the time to say a few words about the chapter and how our alumni in the Nashville area can get involved. With wonderful leaders like Larry, we are excited to see what this group is able to achieve!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Chantelle Yantz, who is among CSU’s youngest students. At 17-years-old, she is jumping right in and paving the way for her education and future. I was able to help her get acquainted with fellow CSU students and alumni at the social. She made me chuckle when I asked what kind of hobbies she enjoyed. Her response was “sleep.” Being a mom of two little ones under the age of five, I was able to relate.

I could go on and on with stories about everyone who attended, but I would rather encourage all of you to attend a social and hear them for yourself. Be sure to continue to check the EVENTS section of the CSU website to see when we will be in your area!  You never know who you will see and what friendships can be made.

To stay connected to CSU, check out the clubs and organizations in the Student Life section of the website. Have you already graduated and want to connect with fellow alumni? Join the Alumni Association and see if there is also a regional chapter near you!




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  1. Joneashia A. Springer

    Awesome news hate that I missed it; I had previously scheduled engagement. Look forward to hearing about future events in Nashville!