September 29, 2023

Easy Enroll Announcement

Enroll in Your Next Courses Quickly and Easily with Easy Enroll

When you’re an adult learner, juggling work, family and school involves planning and organization.

Easy Enroll helps you stay on track with your academic plan by taking the guesswork out of course enrollment. Guided by your personal Degree Advisement Plan, Easy Enroll can automatically enroll you in your next courses, freeing up your schedule for more important things like quality time with family, working or studying.

Sign up for Easy Enroll by logging into your MyCSU portal and heading to the My Account Page.

Let CSU help you advance in your studies quickly, easily and on your schedule. Click here to learn more about Easy Enroll.





  1. Dave Peters

    The hyperlinks for click “here’ and “enroll now” do not work on the easy enroll announcement page.

    How do I know I won’t be enrolled in two classes at once or the wrong class using this feature? I like to receive my books early. When will I get them using easy enroll?


    1. Sonya Lavett

      Dave, thank you for your comment. I checked the hyperlinks and they appear to be working. They should take you to the page that explains the different types of enrollment at CSU. Below those descriptions is an overview of how the Easy Enroll process works. The process is linked to your DAP, so it will pull your next course(s) from there. There is no difference in when you will receive your books. The premise is to make it easier on you so you don’t spend unnecessary time filling out lengthy enrollment forms. We know how hard our students work and anything we can provide to make the process more convenient and conducive to your busy schedules, we will offer. Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors!