September 30, 2023

The Value of Strategies

by Abimbola Farinde, CSU faculty, College of Business

dr farindeIn order to become more effective on the road to becoming a productive professional, there are simple strategies that will aid in achieving this important goal. One can formulate personalized strategies that can be used to promote success throughout your academic career at Columbia Southern University and beyond.

First of all, in order to develop an effective tactic for planning, time management and development of proper study habits, one must create a successful plan of action to carry out the individual tasks that fall under these categories. A clear plan must first exist before it can be put into motion. One strategy that can be adopted is the practice of brainstorming before beginning any type of activity that will require time and commitment. The act of brainstorming can produce fruitful ideas that can be utilized in any context or scenario.

Secondly, an effective strategy for time management has to embody the thought of using those specific hours of the day that will prove to be more conducive for productivity. It is not advisable to develop the habit of procrastinating so but rather get into the practice of using a daily planner that will best utilize each hour of each day.

Being able to know exactly what you will be doing for the majority of the day will allow for greater productivity and the ability to accomplish multiple tasks in a shorter amount of time. When it comes to the act of studying, it is a good practice to remove oneself from any interference or distractions that might limit the effectiveness of studying. Whether you prefer mornings, afternoons or late in the day, the peak time for studying is always devoid of any interruptions that may impact the value of time to meet the objectives that have been laid out.

Online learning can be new for some people but it can have its benefits and rewards for virtually everyone. All of these strategies can be incorporated into the online learning process and yield positive outcomes. Once an individual is able to combine these strategies and put them into everyday practice, the chance of running into situations that might impede the online learning experience will be dramatically reduced or even become obsolete.